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  • What is IdeaBook?

    Designed as an additional service that you will be able to offer to your families, IdeaBook is a web-based, user-interactive “book” of all types/styles of cemetery memorials. IdeaBook is just what its name suggests….it is a collection of ideas. It is not intended to be an all-encompassing monument design book. There are no sizes, no design details and there are no prices. Again, it is just a collection of ideas. The IdeaBook was developed to provide a foundation for a conversation that will ultimately lead to a final memorial design and sale…either for you…or the monument professional that you designate.

  • How does it work?

    IdeaBook allows users to preview or browse in one of two formats; multiple thumbnail images on the same page at once, or they may choose a more focused view, which allows them to look at one monument at a time with a brief written description. No matter how they decide to browse the IdeaBook, once they click on a monument image, it opens up to show multiple design options for that particular monument. They can view different design ideas with the simple click of the computer mouse. Several designs will allow for some "lite" personalization - by entering their family name - so that they can envision how it might look on a particular design. With each design they click on, it can be immediately viewed in multiple colors of granite available, again, with the simple click of a mouse. There is also an option to save designs of interest to FAVORITES (for that particular browsing session only) for review without having to scroll through all of the designs again.

  • Can I add the IdeaBook link to my own website?

    YES. As a matter of fact, that is what it was specifically designed for, so that you can tell your families that YOU have a collection of monument designs on your web site that they can visit and use at their leisure, from the comfort of their own home, as many times as they like, and at no cost to them.

  • Can the Ideabook be viewed on iPads/tablets and smart phones?

    YES. While the IdeaBook was developed primarily for use on PCs and laptops, it is compatible with and can be viewed on tablets and smart phones. However, viewers can expect the appearance and navigation to be a little different from a standard PC or laptop, depending on the device used, because of the smaller screen displays, etc.

  • Can my customer view the IdeaBook for free?

    YES. Once the link is embedded onto your own website, customers merely need to click your web site’s link tab for unlimited access.

  • Okay...what happens if a client finds a design that they like…how will I know about it?

    If someone comes across a particular design that they like, there is a link button they can select for more information. Once that button is selected, an illustration of the monument design they selected will appear along with fields for personal contact information for them to fill in. After they provide their contact info, they can click the GET MORE INFO tab and the information will automatically be forwarded to you…AND/OR the specific monument company that YOU designate. Whoever receives that lead is then free to contact the potential customer and have the conversation that will lead into more specifics such as exact monument size, design alterations, price, etc. A major benefit to the monument professional is they will already have some insight as to what the customer is looking for before contacting them. You have complete control over whether or not this information is sent to a third party and to exactly whom it will be sent to.

  • Will my customer be able to ask questions about certain designs?

    YES. They can address these questions directly with you or they can simply get more information by following the GET MORE INFO tab and submitted the requested information.

  • How many designs will be in the IdeaBook?

    The IdeaBook that you see is just getting started and will always be a work in progress. There will eventually be several “indexes”, or chapters, if you prefer, which will include other types of memorials, markers and eventually even mausoleums. New designs are being added regularly and our intention is for the overall scope of IdeaBook to continue growing. In a sense, the IdeaBook will never be truly complete.

  • Can I request that my favorite or often used designs be included in IdeaBook?

    YES. Simply contact MonumentPro with your request - along with the pertinent design details and it will be incorporated into IdeaBook ASAP.

  • Do I have to have MonuVision to be able to use IdeaBook?

    NO. IdeaBook is a completely separate, stand-alone program. However, IdeaBook is tied to MonuVision and the designs that customers select will open up in MonuVision. (All of the designs in the IdeaBook were created with MonuVision - so all of the artwork components used in the IdeaBook are already loaded in MonuVision.) For this to work properly, you only need to be currently logged on to MonuVision at the time you open up the lead. Although MonuVision subscribers can open a design lead in the MonuVision designer and the artwork components that make up the design are included, the components will not be properly sized or placed on the monument. You will need to resize and replace the components appropriately, which should take just a few seconds.

  • Okay…you have my interest. I want to add IdeaBook to my website. What’s next?

    You simply subscribe from the SIGN UP or GET STARTED tabs on the website. Once you have subscribed, you will be provided with a link (and instructions) for you to embed the Memorial IdeaBook onto your web site...and if you have issues, just give us a call and we'll get you the help that you need. Just one monument sale generated by IdeaBook would more than cover the annual subscription expense for maintaining the link on your website…and you may cancel at any time.

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